Voting Brackets

Your audience will love the fun, competitive nature of Voting Brackets. Ask users to vote for their favorites in head-to-head matchups and they will return to your site to vote round after round.
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Ways to Use Voting Brackets

Battle of the Burgers


Drive revenue by running a sponsored bracket. Branding opportunities include naming rights, logos, and banner ads.

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Doc's Donuts Great Donut Debate


Sell a bracket to one advertiser that focuses on their products or services. They can customize entrants with images and descriptions.

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Key Benefits

Generate Huge Revenue

There are tons of branding opportunities on Voting Brackets that you can monetize. You can sell sponsorships that include banner ads and advertiser logos. You could also sell customized brackets to advertisers that feature their products or services as entrants with images and descriptions.

Banner Ads
Graphic Header
Advertiser Logos
Cedar Branch Brewing Bracket Branding

Drive Maximum Engagement

Voting Brackets were designed to drive maximum participation and site traffic. While voting, users are advanced to the next matchup until they finish that round. You can then send reminder emails when the next round opens. Users will return round after round to vote until there’s a winner.

Seamless Voting
Reminder Emails
Social Sharing
Bracket Voting on Matchups

Grow Your Database

Voting Brackets are a great tool for building a robust database. Grow your email lists – or collect emails for an advertiser – by adding email opt-ins on the registration form. You can also collect demographic data that will help you build consumer profiles and segmented audiences for targeting.

Registration Forms
Email Opt-ins
Lead-Gen Questions
Doc's Donuts Bracket Registration

Live Product Demo

See Voting Brackets in action by joining our co-founders for this product launch webinar. Plus, you'll get tons of ideas on how you can take advantage of this new promotion type.

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Easy to Use

Quick to Set Up

Easily build any Voting Bracket you want. Choose between 2 and 64 entrants and our algorithm will handle pairing matchups. Next, select one of our templates and use the drag-and-drop form builder to complete the setup process. Once it’s ready, embed it on your site or have us host it.

Flexible Entrant Count
Matchup Pairing Algorithm
Bracket Entrants

Simple to Run

Moderation is a breeze with Voting Brackets. Winning entrants are automatically advanced at the end of each round. Just sit back and watch the total number of participants and votes grow on the dashboard. Plus, we prevent any fraudulent voting if we detect any suspicious activity.

Simple Moderation
Reporting Dashboard
Fraud Protection
Bracket Dashboard

All-In-One Solution

Voting Brackets were built as an all-in-one solution. Invite, reminder, and thank-you emails can be scheduled during setup. Soon you'll be able to run a sweepstakes based off of those that participate in your bracket. Plus, email opt-ins that you collect are added to your email lists or sent directly to your advertisers.

Invite, Reminder, & Thank-You Emails
Built-in Sweepstakes
(Coming Soon!)
Hot Leads Notifications
Bracket Sweepstake Setup

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