Sweepstakes are the #1 way to grow your database, build email lists, and drive leads for your advertisers. Use the registration form to collect email opt-ins or generate leads by asking lead-gen survey questions.

Ways to Use Sweepstakes

Sandwich Showdown Ballot

Codeword Sweeps

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to invest in yourself. A list-builder sweepstakes is solely about growing your own database.

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Cedar Branch Brewing Ballot

Advertiser Sweeps

Create a sweepstakes solely for your advertiser. These valuable contests can identify hot leads for your advertisers.

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Why Sweepstakes

Generate Huge Revenue

Drive tons of revenue by selling sponsorships to your advertisers. You can add a clickable sponsor logo, header graphic, and prize text on each contest. Plus, include a coupon on the Thank-You page or email to drive traffic to the advertiser.

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Drive Audience Engagement

Everyone loves free stuff and wants a chance to win. Increase your website traffic by setting the sweepstakes entry frequency to once per day or hour. Plus, drive your audience to your on-air programming, print publication, or website by adding a daily codeword to your sweeps.

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Grow Your Database

Sweepstakes are the best way to grow your database and generate qualified leads. To do so, just include an email opt-in and lead-gen questions on each registration form. You can also collect demographic data that will help you build consumer profiles and segmented audiences for targeting.

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Your Guide to Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are powerful. Their versatility makes them impactful for just about any goal you or an advertiser want to achieve. This guide will show you how sweepstakes can be the foundation of your entire promotions strategy.

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Key Features

Run National Contests

This we're going to run four annual national sweepstakes. We foot the bill on the national prize and provide these promotions for you as part of your platform license!

Car Payments for a Year
Win Groceries for a Year
Cash for Holiday Gifts
Rent or Mortgage for a Year
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Send Hot Lead Notifications

Automatically send your sponsors an email notification when someone opts in to that advertiser on the contest registration form. These notifications are a timely and secure way to share hot leads with your advertisers.

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Offer Extra Chances

Incentivize sharing by offering extra chances for posting to social media. You can also offer extra chances for answering a lead-gen question, opting-in, or watching a video.

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