Create email newsletters that are automatically populated with your most recently published content.

Types of Newsletters

There are so many different ways to use newsletters, but check out a few examples below.

Newsletters Built for Media

Curate Your Message

Start newsletter creation with an email pre-populated with your content by using article imports or approval emails. By combining automation with the ability to manually compose or edit email items, you will speed up your workflow to allow for more focus on creativity.

Article Import
Approval Email

Automate Breaking News

Immediately send a new article alert every time breaking news is published to a feed. We’ll automatically pull in the headline, picture, description, and a link to the article. There’s no faster way to get the news out to your audience.

New Article Alert
RSS Feed Imports

Schedule Recurring Emails

Automatically populate content from your CMS into your daily or weekly headlines. All you have to do is choose a template, select an audience, and set a message frequency once. It's truly set it and forget it.

Segmented Audiences
Message Frequency
schedule recurring emails

Your Ultimate Email Toolkit

Whether you’re looking to improve an existing newsletter program or just getting started, the five resources in this toolkit will have you driving success in no time.

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Key Benefits

Create Beautiful Emails

Choose from one of the ready-to-use email templates or build a custom template – using the drag-and-drop ​​​template builder – that can shared across your organization. Plus, with message defaults, each email will automatically adopt your logo, colors, and more.

Responsive Templates
Custom Template Builder
Message Defaults

Build Robust Audiences

Collect opt-ins for your newsletters on the registration forms of contests and interactive content or with sign-up widgets. With Second Street, opt-ins are persistent across our platform. That means it's easy to grow and engage your audience in one place.

Opt-in Audiences
Sign-up Widgets

Analyze Your Performance

Review your results with email dashboards and performance reports. Take a look at open rates, most-clicked links, and more for a single email campaign or create reports for each of your markets across an entire organization.

Email Dashboard
Performance Reports

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