Grow your email database and engage your audience by driving event sign-ups.
Event Sign-ups

Event Sign-Ups

Meet the Mayor Virtual Event

Virtual Events

Sweepstakes, Code Sweeps, Video Sweeps, Photo Sweeps

Easily capture sign-ups for your virtual events. After completing the form, users can quickly add an event to their google calendar or other calendar apps.


Physical Events

Create a sign-up form for your in-person events. You can collect first-party data, such as demographic info or email opt-ins, and limit the number of attendees.

Easily Collect Sign-ups

Engage Your Audience

Run exciting events your audience can’t wait to attend. You can add urgency to drive sign-ups by limiting the number of attendees to your event.

Email Database Growth

Build consumer profiles by collecting email opt-ins and demographic data on the registration page. This is also an opportunity to drive leads and opt-ins for advertisers.

Promotion dashboards with entries charts, survey question responses, and a heat-map..

More Than Just Software

When you work with us, you’ll get access to top-notch support and consulting from our customer experience and success teams. This includes training, best practice guides, summits, and much more.

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Easy to Execute

Create a beautiful campaign in minutes by selecting from one of many turnkeys or design templates. We have ready-to-go campaigns based on several different scenarios.

Win a Trip to Paradise sweepstakes with extra chances and an invite email.

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