Email & Audience Insights

Streamline your email workflow and monitor your audience performance – all in one place.
Single Email
Celebration Emails
Drip Campaigns
Segmented Audiences


Invite email for an upcoming concert.

Single Emails

Set up and send curated emails to all or segments of your database. You can test the effectiveness of your email's subject lines or calls-to-action with A/B Testing.

Single Email
A/B Testing
Weekly digest newsletter with 10 things to do this weekend.


Create a breaking news alert, daily headlines roundup, or niche topic newsletter that’s automatically populated with your most recently published content.

Email from a solar panel provider offering a free in-home assessment.

Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign is a series of emails triggered to send when someone joins an opt-in or segmented audience or on a personalized date.

Drip Campaign
Email wishing the user a happy birthday.

Celebration Emails

Delight your audience, drive high engagement, and offer unique sponsorship opportunities with birthday and anniversary emails.


Audience Insights

Lst of opt-in audiences for a media company.

Opt-In Audiences

Opt-in audiences are email lists based on consumer selections. Get consent by adding an opt-in checkbox to any promotion registration form or a customizable signup widget.

Signup Widgets
Welcome Emails
Sales Sheets
Segmented audience create with tags, age, and opt-ins.

Segmented Audiences

Create custom audiences by filtering your database based on interest tags, demographic data, promotions participation, email interactions, and more.

Sales Sheets

Email Built for Your Audience

Create Beautiful Templates

You can choose from one of the ready-to-use email templates designed to look beautiful on all devices or build a custom template using our drag-and-drop ​​​template builder.

Built for Content Teams

Newsletters are automatically populated with your content. You can either “set it and forget it” or curate your newsletters by reordering stories and updating copy and images.

Daily recipe newsletter featuring a lentil burger.

Comprehensive Reporting

Analyze your results with email performance dashboards. Take a look at open rates, most-clicked links, and more for an entire campaign or a single email.

Enterprise Tools

Easily set default email templates and user permissions for all your organizations. You can also syndicate emails within your hierarchy and create reports for each of your markets.

Audience growth database, A/B test email dashboard, and email comparison report.

More Than Just Software

When you work with us, you’ll get access to top-notch support and consulting from our customer experience and success teams. This includes training, best practice guides, summits, and much more.

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Built with Best Practices

Create welcome emails and signup widgets as you set up audiences. Optimize deliverability by excluding unengaged contacts and stay current on CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and CASL.

Optimized for Revenue

Selling newsletter sponsorships is easy with built-in ad positions in each template. You can also manage opt-ins for an advertiser and send on their behalf.

Email signup widget for a radio stations with a thank-you email.

Promote to the Right People

Use tagging from past promotions, email links, and more to build audiences and send targeted emails to any niche. Filter by your subscribers’ interests, behaviors, and demographics.

Robust User Profiles

Individually view every person in your database. Each profile includes custom fields identified by promotions, audiences they belong to, and all emails that person has been sent.

User profile with custom data.

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