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Increase consumer revenue, grow your email database, and engage your audience by collecting online payments and driving event sign-ups.
Payment Forms
Event Sign-ups

Payment Forms

Pick your Park Bracket

Physical Products

Easily sell physical products like deal cards, books, or merchandise. You can process the payment and collect delivery information so you can fulfill the order.

Best of ballot with categories for food and drink.

Digital Products

Sell digital content to your customers. After they complete their purchase, there will be a button that will link them to their digital product.

Do you plan to vote in the next election poll.

Limited-Time Buy

Add urgency to your transactions using a countdown clock to display the time left to make the purchase. This is a great way to increase your conversion rate on orders.

Readership survey for a magazine.

Sponsorship Payments

Collect sponsorship payments from your advertisers. For example, you can create a form to gather information and payment for enhanced listings on your ballots.

Do you plan to vote in the next election poll.


Collect money for a cause using a Payment Form on your website. Receipts will automatically be sent with information related to their donation.

Readership survey for a magazine.

Custom Payments

Create a Payment Form from scratch. You can add any combination of the above features to make the form perfect for your campaign.

Event Sign-Ups

Meet the Mayor Virtual Event

Virtual Events

Sweepstakes, Code Sweeps, Video Sweeps, Photo Sweeps

Easily capture sign-ups for your virtual events. After completing the form, users can quickly add an event to their google calendar or other calendar apps.


Physical Events

Create a sign-up form for your in-person events. You can collect first-party data, such as demographic info or email opt-ins, and limit the number of attendees.

Battle of the Bands video contest.

Paid Events

Sweepstakes, Code Sweeps, Video Sweeps, Photo Sweeps

Soon we’ll have the ability to charge for sign-ups for both your virtual or physical events. Just connect a Stripe account and you can collect payments on these events.

Coming Soon

Easily Collect Payments & Sign-ups

Drive Consumer Revenue

Create a brand new revenue stream for your business based on selling physical and digital products and charging for event registration.

Revenue from Advertisers

Sell sponsorships to your advertisers for your upcoming physical or virtual events. You can also sell products or deal cards on behalf of your advertisers.

Car Giveaway sweepstakes with lead-gen survey questions and an email opt-in.

Engage Your Audience

Run exciting events your audience can’t wait to attend. You can add urgency to drive sign-ups by limiting the number of attendees to your event.

Email Database Growth

Build consumer profiles by collecting email opt-ins and demographic data on the registration page. This is also an opportunity to drive leads and opt-ins for advertisers.

Promotion dashboards with entries charts, survey question responses, and a heat-map..

More Than Just Software

When you work with us, you’ll get access to top-notch support and consulting from our customer experience and success teams. This includes training, best practice guides, summits, and much more.

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Easy to Execute

Create a beautiful campaign in minutes by selecting from one of many turnkeys or design templates. We have ready-to-go campaigns based on several different scenarios.

Sell Anything

Have the flexibility sell just about anything using Payments Forms. This is a great way to add one more step in your digital journey with your audience.

Win a Trip to Paradise sweepstakes with extra chances and an invite email.

Unlock Payments Across Platform

You will soon be able to leverage the power of Marketplace within some promotions! You’ll have access to collecting payments in some Contests & Interactive Content types.

Coming Soon

Unified Platform

Create Event Sign-ups and Payment Forms in the same platform you use for promotions. That means when you collect consumer data and opt-ins it’s all contained in one database.

Turnkey quiz with multiple template options.

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