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Discover 15 different ways to generate revenue, engage your audience, and grow your email database.
Photo Contests
Voting Brackets


Dream Kitchen Makeover sweepstakes with a lead-gen survey question.


Sweepstakes, Code Sweeps, Video Sweeps, Photo Sweeps

Sweepstakes are the #1 way to grow your database. Use the registration form to collect email opt-ins or generate leads by asking lead-gen survey questions.

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Cutest Dog Photo Contest sponsored by a pet store.

Photo Contests

Generate huge engagement by running photo contests. Your audience will visit your site to submit a photo and will return again and again to vote for their favorite.

Photo Voting
Photo Sweeps
Community Galleries
Battle of the Bands video contest.

Video Contests

Sweepstakes, Code Sweeps, Video Sweeps, Photo Sweeps

Video contests are an excellent way to collect user-generated content. Users can easily upload a video from their computer or mobile device or add a link to a video on YouTube.

Video Voting
Video Sweeps
Pro football pick'em sponsored by an auto dealership.


Predict the winner or outcome with a pick'em. You can drive revenue and engagement by incorporating your sponsors,  featuring VIP pickers, and offering weekly prizes.

Prediction Brackets

Interactive Content

Pick your Park Bracket

Voting Brackets

Your audience will love the fun, competitive nature of brackets. Ask users to vote for their favorites in head-to-head matchups and they will return to vote round after round.

Best of ballot with categories for food and drink.


Ask your audience to vote for their favorite places, people, and more. You can generate tons of sponsorship revenue by selling group ads, category ads, and enhanced listings.

Do you plan to vote in the next election poll.

Personality Quizzes

Allow your audience to discover something about themselves by creating Personality Quizzes with customizable questions and outcomes. Consider adding social sharing to increase your reach.

Personality Quiz
Readership survey for a magazine.

Trivia Quizzes

Test a user’s knowledge or educate the audience on a topic with Trivia Quizzes. Drive more participation and collect user data by adding a sweepstakes.

Trivia Quiz
Do you plan to vote in the next election poll.


Easily turn your editorial or programming content into an interactive experience. You can embed your polls within an article, ad position, or side rail of your website.

Readership survey for a magazine.


Collect valuable data about your audience to enhance all of your company's initiatives. Set up your survey using multiple pages and simply export into a spreadsheet.


Get More Out of Your Promotions

Sell More Sponsorships

Customize your promotions to highlight one or more advertisers with ad spots, sponsor logos, invite and thank-you emails, and more.

Deliver Hot Leads

Generate qualified sales leads for your advertisers by adding lead-gen questions and email opt-ins to your promotion's registration forms.

Car Giveaway sweepstakes with lead-gen survey questions and an email opt-in.

Increase Your Reach

Grow your email database by adding email opt-ins for your newsletters and Facebook Like boxes on your promotion registration forms.

Build Consumer Profiles

Collect consumer data by tagging user interests, including demographic fields on registration forms, and asking custom lead-gen survey questions.

Promotion dashboards with entries charts, survey question responses, and a heat-map..

More Than Just Software

When you work with us, you’ll get access to top-notch support and consulting from our customer experience and success teams. This includes training, best practice guides, summits, and much more.

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Drive Website Traffic

Incentivize sharing by offering extra chances for posting to social media. You can also offer extra chances for answering a lead-gen question, opting-in, or watching a video.

Maximize Participation

Drive more entries by utilizing the built-in invite emails. Plus, drive conversions for your advertisers by sending automated thank-you emails.

Win a Trip to Paradise sweepstakes with extra chances and an invite email.

Easy to Execute

Create a beautiful promotion in minutes by selecting one of many templates. You can then embed the promotion on any website.

Turnkey Solutions

You’ll have access to over 500 pre-built promotions. Each turnkey comes ready to go with content, images, and pre-built registration forms.

Turnkey quiz with multiple template options.

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