Front-End Software Engineer

Second Street has an immediate opportunity for a Front-End Software Engineer. This person will write JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to expand and maintain our applications with an eye towards UX. We use modern tech, tooling, and practices to stay happy and productive.

Position Summary

Are you looking to join a fast-paced team and help bring it to success? Are you a well-rounded team player with front-end development experience that can work with the team to find a great solution, write the logic to make it work, and then make it beautiful with CSS? Do you want the ability to impact meaningful change and develop a community where you work? Second Street could be exactly what you've been looking for!

You will be a member of our cross-functional product development team which is made up of designers, project managers, testers, and software engineers. You'll enjoy a high level of autonomy while also working very collaboratively in-person and remotely using Slack, Trello, and GitHub. We work together to ship code every day and are constantly looking for ways to improve. We are responsible for a suite of long-lived products that receive constant innovation, feedback, iteration, maintenance, and new feature development.

Software engineers at Second Street are fully involved in every part of the process, from planning, to development, to testing, to launch. We care deeply and we do things right with version control, automated testing, code reviews, and occasional pair programming. We also focus on work-life balance, including a flexible schedule and work-from-home opportunities, so you won’t be burning the midnight oil here. As a front-end software engineer you'll create features, fix bugs, and iterate on our existing software, all while keeping an eye toward usability and user experience thanks to your front-end experience.

Company Summary

We are an audience engagement software platform that is used by over 4,000 media companies and marketers. Some of our leading-edge products include online contests, ballots, polls, quizzes, sweepstakes, email, audience insights, and more. We are seeking tech-savvy professionals who are passionate about our industry, learn quickly, and are motivated to succeed.

Tech Stack

We use Ember.js (including Ember Data and Ember CLI) to build most of our applications, backed by a RESTful JSON API. We also have a small React app. We utilize the latest JavaScript features, including stable TC39 proposals supported by Babel. We use Sass and PostCSS for our stylesheets, and organize our CSS with BEM. We also have a few TypeScript projects, including some Node.js services.


Technical Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Growth Skills

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How to Apply

Please email a resume to, and include the keyword “Tomster” in your subject line. We value transparency, so we’ve written about our hiring process, step-by-step, on our engineering blog. We’ll be sure to let you know along each step of the way how things are going, and whether you’ve made it to the next step.

Second Street Media, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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